Silicon Valley is the leading provider of online coding courses. Unlike your standard coding schools, we like to play the game a little differently.

We aim to provide students with industry-ready skills (not just pointless, dated diplomas), and help students not just grow in their careers but also become game-breaking, world+ALTering stars of code. Well, that’s why you’re here, no?

How great is it to build something awesome?

To create an app that will not just change your life, but the lives of millions of people. To simply build something that’s yours. Well, it’s possible if you know the way, and we have the know-how to help you get there.

"Everyone has a great idea and we’ll help you achieve it."

The Silicon Valley Experience

Our unrivalled team of industry experienced tutors work tirelessly to help you become a master coder. Working one-on-one with students, our tutors are the Mr. Miyagi to your Karate Kid, and are available at all hours to answer questions and guide you along your project.

Build your world

The skills you build at Silicon Valley Coding School will set you up for life. You will have the craft to not just build websites and apps, but also to successfully target audiences and choose the best marketplace in which to showcase your skills.

To build worlds, sometimes you need to break them first. Your unrivalled knowledge will place you in a position where others will find themselves lagging behind – quite literally. Your websites will be better, your apps will sell better, and quite frankly, you will be better – a Coding Colossus amongst meager mortals.

Achieve your goals and scale the mountain with Silicon Valley Coding School.

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