Command the skills and planning required to develop your game-changing website or application. From interviewing clients to analysing competitors, uncover the purpose, audience and functions of your project.


Design a website or application, and learn production techniques from wireframes through to mock-ups using industry-standard digital design software. Design responsive cross-browser interfaces that optimise usability, accessibility and enhance browser interoperability.


Master markup language, digital design and programming skills through HTML5; digital design skills through CSS; and programming skills in both JavaScript (front end) and PHP/database design (back end).

Programming Basics/JavaScript

Phase two of Development. Learn the basics of JavaScript, the language of front-end development, and be introduced to advanced programming skills.

Backend Programming/PHP/MySQL

Phase three of Development. Set up your server for PHP and MySQL, and create PHP documents and applications for database integration.


Discover which server is right for you, and explore how best to upload your project. Learn the differences between (and when best to use) various protocols and programs to help you stage and deploy for a live rendition.

Major Project

Use the knowledge developed throughout the course to design and build your dream project from scratch. It’s your time, App Ninja.


12 Years Experience

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Course Duration: 12 Weeks.


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Ready for work

When you graduate from Silicon Valley Code School, you’re equipped with the foundational skills and knowledge to start your coding career immediately.

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Ready for work

Our courses are developed around the latest industry practices, languages and approaches so you graduate with real-world in-demand skills.


Becoming a App Ninja sounds awesome! How do I sign up?


We can’t wait to have you on board. Signing up is as easy as hitting the Enrol now button in the top right of your chosen course page and completing your online payment. You’ll be given immediate access to the course and introduced to your tutor.

When can I start?


You can start your coding journey anytime by enrolling online, after which you get immediate access to the modules and your tutor.

What kind of support will I get from my tutor?


Your tutor provides two hours of one-on-one support per week via email or skype. They’ll answer your burning questions, help you with any tricky spots across each module and coach you through the entire 12 week journey so that you’re primed for the workplace when you finish the course.

How long will this course take me to complete?


All courses have a duration of 12 weeks, and this is the period you will have access to your online tutor. You’ll continue to have access to course if you want to revisit any modules at the end of the 12 weeks.

What makes Silicon Valley Code School different to other coding courses?


We’re all about getting you market-ready by arming you with the real world coding skills that are in demand by tech-based businesses and agencies. We break things down to make learning code accessible for anyone with the desire and passion to learn. You don’t need to be “techy” enough or a math-head to learn code and change the world!